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Stockton/San Joaquin Mexican American Chamber of Commerce "30 Years of  Service, Resolve and Results"
Since 1972, the Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce has been a beacon of leadership, strength and determination of the Hispanic Community in San Joaquin County and beyond. As one of the oldest continuously active Hispanic Organizations in the Central Valley, the Chamber has distinguished itself over the years, with much accomplishments and progress in many fronts.

Economic & Business Development
Over the years, the MACC has been the leader in providing technical assistance to start up and expanding the Hispanic Business in San Joaquin County, And we have reached to the overall community, providing leadership in such high impact public bodies as the City of Stockton Citizens Economic Development Advisory Committee, which initiated many successful county projects.

Corporate and Government Involvement with the Hispanic Community
The Chamber pioneered linkages of the corporate sector with the local Hispanic Business sector and the Hispanic Community at large. Bringing together Hispanic vendors, professionals, and potential employees, with progressive corporations, including many which continue their strong association with the MACC, up to this day. MACC has been privileged to have worked with the City Government, to outreach and develop Hispanic and minority business; and with the State of California, providing technical assistance to Hispanic entrepreneurs. These linkages continue to strengthen and grow.

Hispanic Chamber and Enterprise Development throughout California and the Nation!
The Stockton MACC is also a pioneer Hispanic Business organization in California and across the Nation. As one of the first Hispanic Chambers in the country, the MACC has been an example, and a mentor to groups throughout the State and beyond. We are proud to have helped the development of the National and State network of Hispanic Chambers, and of local Chambers, including Modesto, Merced, Fresno, Bakersfield, San Jose and many others.

Hispanic Community Cultural Development!
For years, and to this day, the MACC has been at the forefront of the celebration and recognition of our Hispanic Community Cultural Heritage. From the celebration of the "Cinco de Mayo" to the "Diez y sies de Septiembre", we have been through all these years, leading, supporting, and working, to promote our values and culture as Hispanic Americans.

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